Since 2008 food trucks have grown in popularity all around the world offering something for everyone as they begin to go beyond street food cuisine, catering to all tastes in the form of gourmet, locally sourced, artisan menu items. Here in Eugene, food trucks have created quite a local food scene experience, gathering in clusters all around the beautiful city. It’s in these little “pods,” as they call them, that they offer hungry members of and visitors to the Eugene community some homegrown grub that can only be found where the food trucks go.

Eugene food trucks
The Asada fries at Coco Loco are like no other and can only be found at the Beergarden. Photo courtesy: Coco Loco


777 W 6th Avenue

Within the Whiteaker area is a little neighborhood hotspot that is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a cluster of food trucks with Eugene’s very own Beergarden. This beer garden features an indoor pub as well as an outdoor beer garden complete with fire pits and anywhere from five to six food trucks at a time offering up some tasty menu items.

It has all come together to create a wonderful outdoor dining experience where foodies can enjoy 42 taps of craft beer, cider, mead, wine, Kombucha, and soda to go with their food truck deliciousness. Popular food trucks here include Coco Loco, Lanki Moku Grill, and Pizza Alta.

Eugene food trucks
When you need some liquid libation while exploring the Eugene Saturday Market, Lulu’s Smoothies has got you covered. Photo courtesy: Eugene Saturday Market

Eugene Saturday Market

126 E 8th Avenue

Head on over to the downtown Eugene park blocks on Saturdays and you’ll find another cluster of food trucks waiting to serve what your taste buds crave. This famous International Food Court at the Eugene Saturday Market is the ultimate outdoor dining experience, featuring 15 food booths that represent cuisines from around the world, giving you some exotic flavors without the discomfort of leaving home!

Must-try food trucks here include Irie Jamaican Kitchen‘s jerk chicken, sweet and savory crepes from Edible Improv, and a nice cool smoothie to wash it all down with from Lulus Smoothies.

8th & Olive Food Truck Pod

Eugene food trucks
Fresh noodles await at All Thai-d Up at the 8th and Olive Food Truck Pod. Photo courtesy: All Thai’d Up

725 Olive Street

Attracting the hardworking local lunch crown in the bustling downtown Eugene is the 8th & Olive Food Truck Pod. These food trucks are here rain or shine offering international foodie goodness to those who have worked up an appetite during the 9 to 5 grind. Each passionate chef here is excited to share their creations and fill patrons’ stomachs so they feel nice and refreshed when they clock back in for work.

When stopping by this local pod, don’t forget to try Makeda’s Cuisine, the first and only food destination spot for Ethiopian and Eritrean food in Eugene. Those in the mood for some curry and freshly prepared, cooked-to-order noodles can satisfy their cravings at All Thai’d Up just a few feet away!

Kesey Square

10 E Broadway

More food truck tastiness can be found right in the middle of the city action at Kesey Square. Besides the great grub, foodies visiting the square can also expect to enjoy public art, live music, and occasional vendors nearby during the warmer months of the year.

It’s the perfect place for those looking to grab a quick lunch that’s not the traditional fast food options. Vegan delicacies can be found at B-Heavenly for that vegetarian family member while spicy Mexican favorites can be found at Morelos Taqueria for those looking to test the heat.

Eugene food trucks
Yummy Japanese dishes can be found in the Friendly Garden at Masa’s Yatai Japanese Restaurant food truck. Photo courtesy: Masa’s “Yatai” by Kamitori

The Friendly Garden

2758 Friendly Street

The friendliest place to grab some mouthwatering food truck menu items is Eugene’s very own Friendly Garden on the southwest side of College Hill. This neighborhood gathering pod is home to five of the city’s newest and most beloved food carts that offer everything from Japanese dishes at Masa’s Yatai Japanese Restaurant to can’t-go-wrong classics like pizza at Bartolotti’s Pizza.

You can even try traditional Oaxacan food here at Silva Taqueria food truck and exotic Mediterranean dishes at Uumami Mediterranean. No matter which menu item you pick for dinner at any of the nearby food trucks, they all pair wonderfully with savory local IPAs that can only be found at the garden’s Fruit and Vine Beverage Cart.

3rd & Van Buren Food Truck Pod

3rd & Van Buren Street

Also in the Whiteaker neighborhood is the exciting and eclectic 3rd & Van Buren Food Truck Pod which is home to some of Eugene’s best-known food trucks. Local favorites here include Sammitch, which is home to some of the juiciest burgers around, and Subo Sushi Burritos made with the highest quality hand-cut fish.

Oakshire Brewing

Eugene food trucks
Those in the mood for BBQ should head on over to Rackhouse BBQ during one of their visits to Oakshire Brewing. Photo courtesy: Rackhouse BBQ

1055 Madera Street

One of Eugene’s favorite breweries, Oakshire Brewing, is also home to some of the best food trucks in the area. Oakshire has a rotating schedule of food trucks with different trucks joining them during various days of the week, offering up delicious menu items to pair with the elegant brews Oakshire has on tap. The generous cheese boards, homemade soups, and fresh salads are a must-try from Bounty Meat and Cheese and tasty Pacific Northwest BBQ can be found at Rackhouse BBQ on site.

Coldfire Brewing Company

263 Mill Street

Sitting just beyond the Market District near the riverfront is yet another brewing company that frequently hosts the city of Eugene’s food trucks. Coldfire Brewing Company often welcomes these trucks while serving patrons some amazing European-style beers brewed with Northwest ingredients. Yardy is there every day of the week except for Monday offering food lovers some West Indian-inspired food, while Wednesday night is the only night to get food-fired pizza from Pizzeria Dop.

Graffiti Alley Food Truck Pod

675 River Road

Just outside of the city center is everyone’s favorite River Road dining option, the Graffiti Alley Food Truck Pod. This is a food truck experience like no other in Eugene as the trucks sit beside a truly unique auto parts store, Graffiti Alley, that’s simply full of classic charm. Picnic tables bring the area together for a cozy outdoor dining experience full of fun options. Some of the best street tacos around can be found here at Easley Does It, all of which pair nicely with the plethora of delicious ciders at Ciderlicous Hard Cider Tap Cart nearby.

The number of food trucks in the fair city of Eugene has grown exponentially over the years, resulting in the creation of all these amazing local pods just waiting to be explored. It’s become quite the staple for the city’s local food scene, so much so that now every year residents and visitors alike can enjoy the annual Eugene Food Truck Fest and get a taste of everything local food trucks have to offer.

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